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What’s Inside My Hospital Bag?

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Packing my hospital bag for my second baby (after 8 years) hasn’t been easy…

There’s so much to remember! Stuff for yourself, stuff for the baby and stuff your birth partner… And then on top of that, there’s so much more to consider - Like what you will need during your labour, what you will need during the birth and then what you will need after the birth!

And every time I think, “that’s it, I’ve got everything I can possibly need”, I’ll remember something else to add into my bag!

I originally wanted to have one big bag, but instead, I’ve used a small cabin luggage for my things, and a large changing bag for the baby’s things. My birth partner, (The Husband), will have his things in his rucksack. The less stuff to carry the better, but I couldn’t find any other way to organise it all!

So, here’s what I’ve packed in my hospital bag so far (I really hope I’m done this time!). You can use this as a rough guide to pack your own, or use it as a checklist to make sure you haven’t missed anything out… (That’s what I did by reading dozens of other checklists by fellow Mammas!)

Disclaimer: I'm not a healthcare professional, therefore this is just a rough guide to help you start packing your own bag. Each bag is personal according to individual needs. (I have made this list according to my personal experience with my first born).This is a typical list for a low risk pregnancy & breastfeeding mamma (please adjust/amend this according to your needs e.g. c-section birth or formula feeding or combination feeding).

For Mamma:

  • Birth plan + Maternity notes (That’s a MUST!)

  • Old nightie/top for labour/birth (2 or 3) (Giving birth can get messy!)

  • Waterbirth outfit (Or you could be butt naked!)

  • Towel (Having your own is much nicer)

  • Water Spray & Fan (To keep you cool and refreshed while you’re huffing and puffing!)

  • Dressing gown and pyjamas (To look pretty for post-delivery pics)

  • Flip flops (Slippers can get wet/dirty if your waters are leaking! – It’s happened to me!)

  • Make up bag (to look decent for those first Mamma-Baby pics)

  • Toiletries bag (All the usual essentials you will need to freshen up after birth)

  • Nursing cover/scarf (Just in case you're feeling shy or want some privacy)

  • My Expert Midwife - Nipple balm & Sprits for your bits (God send for your sore bits)

  • Breast pads (For them leaky boobs)

  • Nursing bras/sleep bras & nursing camisole vests (For easy feeding and keeping your breast pads in place)

  • Pads/Mom nappies (For the aftermath down below)

  • Knickers/disposable knickers (To hold up your Mom nappies)

  • Going home outfit (Don't forget comfy footwear!)

  • Hair dryer + straightener (To fix that crazy mane)

  • Phone/camera (Doesn't need an explanation!)

  • Charger/Power bank (Always a good idea to have backup)

  • Compression socks/socks (feet can get cold/swell during labour)

  • Snacks + energy drink (For all that pushing)

  • Props for first photos (cute outfits, teddies, notice board etc) * (For baby announcement pics)

For Baby:

  • Car seat (Can’t go home without one!)

  • Nappies size 0/1 (1 pack should be enough!)

  • Baby wipes (That first poo is damn sticky, you need good wipes to get that off!)

  • Nappy balm (Nice to have, but not a must)

  • Nappy sacks (Can come handy to store soiled clothes too)

  • Sleep suits x 5

  • Baby vests x 5

  • Baby going home outfit + pram suit

  • Hat/Socks/Mitts/Booties

  • Bibs & Muslin cloths for burping

  • Blankets/Swaddles/Sleeping bag

  • All in one wash/Baby lotion (Just in case you decide to wash your baby)

For Birth Partner:

  • Pjs (Just in case for overnight stay)

  • Spare outfit (If things get messy)

  • Toiletries (Unless you don’t mind sharing yours!)

  • Snacks & Drinks (So they don’t take yours!)

  • Cash/Spare change (For parking!)

  • Phone/camera (For them first pics!)

  • Charger/power bank (Back up!)

  • Entertainment (Book, magazine, kindle, tablet etc) (Mamma could use these too if labour is going slow!)

(If you would like to download a copy of my hospital bag checklist click here!)

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