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What's inside my "car" changing bag?

It's always a good idea to be prepared for emergencies, especially when you have an unpredictable little human with you...

Luckily, Yaya is old enough to get herself ready, but trying to get Rara fed, changed and decently dressed, (and looking half decent myself) can take time when we're trying to get out of the house. So having a pre-packed changing bag ready in the car can be a life saver when we're in a rush, (and especially when I already have my hands full with a baby, keys, phone and purse).

Being the Busy Mamma I am, it's always reassuring to know that there's one less thing to worry about when going out with the kids... and since I'm always worrying about forgetting things when going out, it just made sense to have all the essential things I need in my car...

So here's a quick video to show you what I always have packed in my car (and I always try to make sure it's maintained/stocked up when I do use up anything from it).

Does anyone else have a pre-packed changing bag in their car? How different or similar is it to mine? I'd love to know!

Changing bag contents:

  • Changing mat purse/wallet (from Amazon) ~ Saves you carrying a changing bag and a separate changing mat, since its 2 in 1. It also has a handy strap too, so you can attach this to your stroller easily.

  • 4 x Pampers Nappies wrapped individually with lupilu nappy sacks ~ This is a simple hack I've been using since I had Yaya, it saves you trying to find nappy sacks from bottom of your changing bag or trying to separate fiddly nappy sacks from each other during a nappy change.

  • Mama bear baby wipes (from Amazon) inside the Skip Hop wipes case ~ Absolutely love this brand of wipes, I've used many others, but keep returning to this one - It's so great, I buy this in bulk! You only need a few to clean the messiest poonamis, and the wipes come out individually from the pack without much effort. I've transferred about half the amount of wipes into the Skip hop wipes case to reduce the bulkiness of the changing bag, (it's also great at keeping the wipes moist too).

  • Mini size sudocrem nappy rash cream ~ This multipurpose cream is great for other things other than nappy rash by the way!

  • Travel size vital baby sanitizing water spray ~ This stuff is amazing! You can use it to clean your hands after a change, sanitize surfaces, dummies, 'accidentally dropped on the floor' bottles and teethers, without the need of rinsing! Simply spray! Great thing to have when you're out and about, and it doesn't have any weird smell or taste, so little one doesn't need to wait either!

  • 1 x Spare outfit (sleepsuit, bodysuit and bib) ~ You just never know when your little one might just throw up or have a leaked explosion in their nappy!

  • 1 x Muslin cloth ~ To use as nursing cover or wipe dribble.

  • 1 small pack of Kleenex tissues ~ Mainly for Yaya.

This is enough for a short local trip - If we're planning to go out for the whole day or go somewhere further from home, I have another larger changing bag which I pack slightly differently (I'll show this in another post in the future 😉).

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