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Solar Buddies Sunscreen Applicator - Review

Updated: Nov 26, 2019


Solar Buddies - sunscreen applicator


£8.99 - £24.99 (Check their website for offers)

Where to buy: www.solarbuddies.co.uk

About the product:

"The Solar Buddies applicators are unique because they have been designed specifically for use by children. They are a refillable applicator that allows you to use a sunscreen of your choice."

"The easy, mess free and best way to apply suncream and lotion for children and babies. Great for use in schools and nurseries for adults and kids."

The reasons I brought this product:

  • Looking for something to help my 7 year old apply sunscreen herself at school (without wasting too much product and making a huge mess).

  • My 7 year old has dry skin/eczema, so wanted to find a way where she could reapply moisturising lotion as often as she needed at home independently.

  • Not being able to use my preferred sunscreen lotion (which suited my daughter's sensitive skin) in the form of a "child friendly" easy to apply bottle.

  • Solar buddies gives you the freedom to use your favourite/preferred sunscreen lotion in the form of a roll on applicator.

First impressions:

  • Looks great, simple design, does what it says on the tin.

  • Love the design and bright colours.

  • Perfect size to grip with one hand (even for little hands).

  • I brought 2 different colours, both worked great. (Blue & Pink - One for sunscreen and one for moisturizer).


  • Really easy to fill and apply lotion, my 7 year old loved using it!

  • Can use this with other lotions too, worked just as well with standard moisturiser.

  • Can be used by grown ups too, I can see this really useful for anyone who might have mobility or coordination issues. (I can see my mom who's recovering from a stroke finding this very handy).


  • Doesn't work as well with creams/lotions of thick consistency. But most sunscreen lotions are thin consistency so it shouldn't be a major issue.


  • If I'm being really picky, then I would love to see more colours available. Or even different sizes such as a family size one (saves carrying lots of bottles).

Final Verdict: Would I buy it again?/Would I recommend this?

  • Yes, definitely. We have been using this for nearly two weeks and it's been great. My daughter has been applying sunscreen and moisturiser all by herself since getting this product. Even I've been using it too!

Busy Mamma's overall rating out of 5 stars:

★★★★★ 5/5

Here's a video to show how it works!

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