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Poorly Boo to the rescue...

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

So here's a peek of what's inside the 'The PoorlyBoo Essentials Box': • Digital Thermometer • Paracetamol • Ibuprofen • Infacol • Olbas For Children • Saline Solution • Nasal Aspirator • Vapour Rub • Teething Gel • Teething Granules • Sudeocrem • Metanium • Syringe

And here's what's inside the '100 piece PoorlyBoo First Aid Kit': • Ice pack • Thermal blanket • Tweezers • Scissors • Bandages • Plasters and much more First impressions: I can see both packs being handy for any parent... whether you're a first time parent or not, it's great to know you have all the basic baby/child health essentials in one place. Being a "second time" mamma, I can already see many familiar 'useful products', and some 'new' (or unfamiliar) items which I have yet to use and find out how well they work with Rara. I believe the PoorlyBoo essential box can be a great starting point for any parent, as it can be quite daunting trying to figure out (or remember in my case) what your little one might need when they're ill. It's also reassuring for someone like me, who likes to be prepared for the 'worst'. So far, I like what I see... it's come at the perfect time where Yaya is catching every damn bug from school, and Rara feeling a bit down from her immunisations. I've also replaced the digital thermometer for one of those non contact forehead thermometers, and will probably add an antihistamine for Yaya (which she will need in the warmer months). And that's the best thing about this box, you can swap, change or add items according to your needs/preferences!

Here's a quick video to show you what's inside:

Visit www.poorlyboo.com to purchase your own pack!

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