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Nappy Change Pack - A saviour for an unexpected poo crisis!

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

The Story:

I'm usually the kind of person whos like to be prepared, especially when going out with the kids. My car is always stocked up with spare clothes, snacks for Yaya, water bottles and a pre-packed changing bag with essentials for Rara.

However, one day I was out of my comfort zone, when I had to do the morning school run with both kids in a new car (which wasn't stocked up/prepared to my standards). So as I was rushing against the clock to get Yaya ready for school (and also feed and change Rara before we leave), I quickly popped one of these 'Complete Baby Change Packs' into my handbag with a 'just incase it's really cold' all in one hoodie.

We rushed out of the door 10 minutes earlier than usual, so that we could include the time for faffing around with carseat belts and find decent parking for the 'bigger' new car. So far so good, I thought to myself. I got to school a little bit earlier than usual, got a decent parking spot, Baby Rara dozed off and was all snug in her doona carseat stroller, and for a brief moment I felt like a legend.

As I was waving goodbye to Yaya, my victorious school run was short lived when I hear Rara letting off loud wet squelchy farts, (if you're already a mum, you know it can only mean one thing! 💩). So I quickly head back to the car before the smell starts to spread across the school playground. As I got Rara into the car, I contemplated on whether I should deal with the mess now, at the back of the car, or to head quickly back home to my comfort zone.

Judging by the smell and the look on Rara's face, I ended up choosing the first option. I quickly tore open the Nappy change pack, placed the disposable changing mat over the back seats and placed Rara to assess the situation...

CODE RED - poo leaking from the inner thighs! 😱 😭 Luckily, the car was still warm, so I stripped her down, used the wet wipes to clear up that bright yellow poo, put her in the 'just incase its cold' all in one hoodie I packed earlier, wipe down my hands and seats with the sanitizing wipes, and finally chuck all the evidence in the disposable bag (which was also included in the pack).

Thank goodness I had this little gem (Nappy Change Pack), otherwise that poo would have definitely seeped through all of Rara's clothes, and onto the car seat! (And I know how much of a pain it can be to wash carseat covers from when Yaya was a baby!)

So the moral of the story is always have backup, no matter how short your trip may be...😅 DO NOT underestimate the length of the school run with a baby, as anything can happen! 🙊

The Product Review:

Item/product: Nappy Change Pack - The Complete Baby Change Pack

(I was kindly sent a free sample in return for an honest review/feedback)

See their website for more details: www.nappychangepack.com

Or follow them on Instagram: @nappychangepack

First impressions:

Pros: Small yet mighty - Everything you need for an emergency nappy change! Cons: If not careful, disposable changing mat can tear whilst changing (this probably happened to me because I used it at the back of my car 😅).


To make this product even more eco friendly, perhaps replace the cellophane outer packaging for a biodegradable one?


Would I recommend this?

HELL YES! I would recommend this if you're on holiday or a short trip, and want to travel light/fuss free. It's also great for emergencies too, like when you forget your changing bag - so having a couple of these stashed in your car can be great too!

Busy Mamma's overall rating out of 5 stars: ★★★★★ 5/5

Here's a video to show you whats inside each pack:

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