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Darling Doona...

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Darling Doona, where was you when I had Yaya back in 2011? There's only a few times I've said this about certain baby gadgets or products, and I have to admit, the Doona carseat stroller is definitely my top baby item I wished I had when I was a first time mum 8 years ago!

Despite not having this for Yaya, (the Doona first came out in 2014 I think), I am soo glad I purchased one for Rara! I initially brought the Car seat stroller when I had my Audi A1, as I thought it would save me having an extra stroller in the ridiculously small car boot.

Whilst I had my A1, it was perfect for quick local trips, school runs, and also let me have the car boot empty to do my grocery shop. Luckily my husband was kind enough to upgrade my car to a BMW 3 series, as it was rather tight having 2 car seats at the back of the Audi.

Since the car upgrade, I'm still loving the Doona. Although I have a compact travel stroller at the back of my new car boot for those 'long outings', I still heavily rely on the Doona because it's so convenient! With the isofix base it's so quick to get Rara out of the car without disturbing her or faffing around with car seatbelts.

So far, I've been using it on trips to the GP, shopping and school runs - and I cannot imagine my life without it! (I'm not looking forward to the day when Rara grows out of the Doona!) I find it often turns a lot of heads in the school playground, as many other mums also wished they had something similar when they had their baby, as we've all tried the fancy travel systems (and let me assure you having the Doona is soo much better!). I've even had a few mums and nurses ask me where I got my Doona from too!🤣

Another thing I absolutely love about the Doona is that it's such a lovely height for older siblings to push around (since the handle has two height settings). It's simply perfect for older kids, Yaya loves pushing her sister around in the Doona - we often squabble over who's going to push it first!

I've also got all the additional accessories like the changing bag, sunshade, rain cover and extra storage bag... I'll show how I use these in my upcoming blog posts or instagram posts...

So if you're pregnant, or know somebody who is pregnant, whether it's their first child, or their last, this is one product I will definitely recommend you to buy!

It's worth every single penny!

P.S. My Doona is in the colour storm grey which is now unfortunately discontinued - hence why I got this at a bloody bargain!

But there are many new colours out now, check their website out for more details:


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