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Co-sleeping arrangement...

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

8 years ago when I had Yaya, I brought a "pretty" cot, rather than a "practical" one...

When I realised the number of times you have to get up throughout the night for a newborn, (whether it's to check if they're breathing, to take them out for a feed/change, or to settle a fussy baby), I really regretted my choice of cot for Yaya... a cot which didn't have a 'bedside/co-sleeping' feature.

Not only was I shattered getting up countless times in the night to attend Yaya, it was a pain to put her back into the cot, as she would almost wake up instantly when I tried to put her down.

In the end, Yaya ended up sleeping with us in bed throughout most of the night 🙄 which we didn't mind, as we had plenty of room in our super king bed, (and we actually enjoyed co-sleeping in the end).

This time round with Rara, we knew we wanted to co-sleep, but having a standard kingsize bed this time round, we didn't have the extra space like before. So we knew that we needed a cot which had one removable side to enable us to co-sleep safely...

After a long search, I came across the mokee mini cot, which ticked all the boxes for us:

✔ Slim sized (120cm x 60cm), which would fit perfectly by the side of our bed (without moving all our bedroom furniture around).

✔ One side was removable, which would be convenient for breastfeeding at night, and allow us to co-sleep safely.

✔ Simple design which complimented our existing bedroom furniture.

✔ Affordable price.

As you can see from the pic above, the mokee mini cot fits in our room perfectly like a jigsaw piece, as it fits exactly between the space between the wall and our bed.

However, because of the design of our bed frame, we were left with a little gap between the two mattresses. Which became a safety hazard concern, see pic below:

To overcome this issue, a quick search on Amazon prime led me to an Ullenbloom cushion/cot bumper, another perfect item to fill the gap between our bed and the mokee cot (the print is pretty cute too). This made our co-sleeping arrangement safe and convenient.

Since Rara's birth, I couldn't be more happier with our set up, it's perfect for our needs, and looks great too!

Anyone who's thinking of co-sleeping with their little one, this is ideal... also when you think your baby is ready to move into their own space, the mokee mini cot turns into a regular 4 sided cot, and eventually a cute toddler bed too!

Mokee Mini Cot:


Ullenbloom Cot Bumper/Bolster Cushion:


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